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Published by the Event Safety Alliance (ESA), Event Safety Insights is a quarterly publication focused on all things related to safety at live events. Distributed digitally and in print form at Event Safety Alliance events, Event Safety Insights provides readers with the latest safety-related news, features, practices, and technology from the across the live event industry. From hi-vis to heat waves, severe weather planning to secure rigs and stages, crowd management to site maintenance, ESI aims a spotlight on companies and individuals that are helping to drive the live event industry to a safer future. 

"When it comes to safety, the established boundaries of the marketplace are shelved. Partners and competitors alike will sit around the table to participate in improving conditions in the field. Safety is a connective tissue, and when we succeed at being better at it everyone wins
This is the intent of the Event Safety Alliance and our latest offering, Event Safety Insights -  to capitalize on the fact that we are all now sitting at the same table, taking an active role in making things better."
- Jim Digby, President of the Event Safety Alliance

Event Safety Insights -- online


A fully interactive version of Event Safety Insights is available for free online. Visit the link above to view from any computer or mobile device.

Event Safety Insights -- in print

As a product of the Event Safety Alliance, a modified version of Event Safety Insights will be found in print form at all Event Safety Alliance hosted Event Safety Access Trainings.


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